DVXC4 Firmware Upgrade Unable to complete

If the firmware upgrade that is in process fails to complete. Potential Possibilities are: -The current firmware on the camera head is corrupted or has crashed and will not function properly. -During upgrade process, power was cut or interrupted.

Diagnosis Process


Step 1

Attempt to upgrade the firmware of the camera. If the progress of the upgrade reaches 50% but the camera shuts down and doesn't complete the upgrade, please see the possibilities listed above.

Step 2

In the event of the first possibility, please attempt the firmware upgrade with another firmware upgrade file that is closer to your firmware version. If this does not resolve the problem, move on to step 3.

Step 3

In order to re-upload the current firmware version on the camera, you will need to downgrade the current firmware version to a previous version. You can do so by contacting us and letting us know that you need a previous firmware version.

Step 4

After downgrading the firmware to a previous version, upgrade the unit to your current firmware version, then attempt to upgrade the firmware to the later version that you were originally attempting to upgrade to.

If both of the listed solutions fail, please contact RoscoLive technical support.