DVXC4 G-Sensor Error (Err 3)

Error Code

Err3: G-Sensor Error, G-Sensor failed.

Customer Environment

All firmware versions.


The Err3 code is displayed on the LCD screen of the DVXC.

Potential Possibilities

The G-Sensor in the camera head has failed.

Diagnosis Process

 Step 1

Remove the camera from the mounting bracket.

Step 2

Retrieve the SD card from the camera head and place into a computer.

Step 3

Open DV-Pro 5 player. If the player is not installed, install it on the client computer.

Step 4

View available video on the SD card. If the video does not display the telematics data when playing back a video, or if the camera is generating none or excessive events, the G-Sensor is not functioning properly and is likely defective. Camera recorder will need to be replaced.
Please Contact Us to find out if your device is under warranty and eligible for replacement.