DVXC4 SD Error (SD_E)

Error Code


Customer Environment

Firmware Version: All versions.


The camera detects the SD card error and displays “SD_E” constantly.

Potential Possibilities

  1. Damaged SD card
  2. SD card is locked
  3. Unformatted SD card
  4. SD card is not compliant with the camera system.

Diagnosis Process

 step 1

Remove the SD card from the camera.

step 2

Check for any obvious physical damage, such as cracks, chips, or exposed circuitry. If there's any, Replace the SD Card.

step 3

Check the position of the lock switch on the SD card. If it's not in the unlock position, Unlock the SD Card.

step 4

Insert the SD card into a computer and open it, check if there's any corrupted/garbled files. If there's any, Format the SD Card.

step 5

If none of these works, the SD card is most likely broken. Then, Replace the SD Card.

If the issue still persists after trying all steps above, please Contact Us