DVXC4 Specifications

Here you will find the specifications of the DVXC4 Product.

The Technical Specifications added below provide detailed specs of DVXC4 with Features, Functions, Components, and Operating conditions.

 Built-in Cameras  Two Cameras with CMOS Sensors
 Camera Viewing Angles  Front Camera: D135° x H85° x V55°
 Interior Camera: D160° x H112° x V80°
 Technologies used for   Enhanced Video Quality  Active anti-blooming and dark sun cancellation, Lens shading and   pixel defect correction, Color interpolation & correction, Luminance   and color noise reduction, Edge enhancement, Gamma correction,   white balance to balance color fidelity & contrast.
 Resolution  720p for windshield view and 960h for cabin interior view camera
 Audio  1CH, Mono in the Interior View Camera Support Ch3, Ch4 cams for   audio
 GPS  Built-in GPS module w/antenna
 G-Sensor (X, Y, and Z)  Built-in 3D Acceleration G-Sensor
 Volume  Configurable (Off-5)
 Video Quality for     Recording  Configurable (1-normal to 5-high)
 Video Frame Rate  Configurable (1-30 frames/sec/camera)
 Memory Card  64GB SDXC up to 512GB SDXC
 Operating Voltage  12 VDC ~ 24 VDC
 Operating Temperature  -20°C ~ +65°C (-4°F ~ +149°F)
 Storage Temperature  -40°C ~ +85°C (-40°F ~ +185°F)
 Size  W 3.70“x L 4.13” x T 2.0“
 Weight  7.5oz recorder unit, 5.3 oz bracket, 12.6oz recorder unit with bracket
 Current   Consumption@12.8 VDC  Maximum ~1.2A (4 channels with Wi-Fi and 4G Wireless)
 Operation ~450mA (2ch only) ~650mA(4ch)
 Parking ~400mA (2ch only)
 With Wi-Fi ~550mA (2ch only), ~700mA(4ch)
 PDC only ~200mA (without Recorder)
 OFF/Standby ~10 mA
 Standard Compliance  FCC Certified Part 15 Subpart B
 EMC ANSI C63.4-2009
 CE Pending Approval