DVXC4 PDC Miscommunication Error (Err6)

The camera boots up but shows “Err 6” instead of time and does not connect to Rosco Live. This error is caused due to miscommunication between the PDC (power module) and the camera.


Step 1

Disconnect the battery connection on the vehicle.

  1. Disconnect the vehicle battery connection for 15 minutes to discontinue power to the camera that could reset the camera system to clear any miscommunication error.
  2. Connect the battery connection back and start the vehicle.
  3. Verify if the error remains and the camera starts recording all channels.  

If you do not get any error, mark this issue as resolved or else follow step 2.

Step 2

Format the SD card and upgrade the camera and PDC firmware to the latest version.

Formatting the SD card

  • Unlock the camera from both sides with the key (provided with the kit).
  • Mount the camera off the bracket and look onto the back side of the camera (serial number).
  • Push on the SD card and it will pop-out.
  • Take the SD card insert it into your computer and launch the DVPRO 5 player.
  • Look onto the right-hand side of the player.  Click on "SD Format" and format your SD card.
Warning: formatting will erase all information on the SD card. Please back up all the important data you need from the SD card.
  • Put a check the “Keep Configuration” box.
  • After formatting the SD card, please follow the steps below.

Instructions to upgrade the firmware

Please click on the following link and download both the files mentioned and then follow the instructions below.

Link: DVXC4 Latest Firmware


  • Connect the SD card from the camera to the computer.
  • Please create a folder name ‘upgrade’ (all lower-case letters) in the SD card.
  • Copy and paste the files that you downloaded from the above links to the ‘upgrade’ folder.
  • Eject the SD card and put it in the camera.
  • Start the vehicle the camera will go through a countdown process let the vehicle run till the camera shows the normal screen with time and rec display.
  • Please leave the vehicle running for 10 to 15 minutes.

Verify if the camera still displays “Err6”. If you do not get any error, mark this issue as resolved or else follow step 3.

Step 3

Identify if it is the camera head or the PDC using swap test.

  1. Please use a good known camera head from a different vehicle or if you have in spare.
  2. Insert the SD card of the vehicle with issue in the good known camera head.
  3. Mount the camera head to the windshield mount and start the vehicle.
  4. Verify if the error is shown on the display.

If the error still shows replace the PDC, if the error goes away the issue is with the camera head, replace the camera head.