DVXC4 GPS Error (Err 2)

Error Code

Err2: GPS Error, GPS Module failed.

Customer Environment

All firmware versions.


The Err2 code is displayed on the LCD screen of the DVXC.

Potential Possibilities

The GPS module in the mounting bracket (DV402) has failed.

Diagnosis Process

Step 1

Remove the camera from the mounting bracket.

Step 2

Retrieve the SD card from the camera head and place into a computer.

Step 3

Open DV-Pro 5 player. If the player is not installed, install it on the client computer.

Step 4

View available video on the SD card. If the video does not display the speed or have location details on the map during playback, the GPS module in the mounting bracket is not working, see Bracket Adjustment/Replacement.

If the issue still persists after trying all steps above, please Contact Us.