DVXC4 Invalid SD Card Error (IN_SD)

Error Code


Customer Environment

Firmware version: 1.5.0 and higher


Camera display “IN_SD” constantly.

Potential Possibilities

  • SD card was swapped.
  • PDC box was swapped.

Diagnosis Process

Step 1

Remove the SD card from the camera. For details, please refer to SD Card Installation & Removal

Step 2

Check the labels on both the SD card and the camera and verify if the vehicle names are consistent. If it's consistent, it's the PDC box got swapped. If not, it's most likely the SD card got swapped.

Step 3

Look for the designated vehicle that matches the label on SD card, then remove the SD card from that camera also.

Step 4

Please see Format SD Card.

Step 6

Put the SD cards back to its designated camera and reboot the camera.

If the issue still persists after trying all steps above, please Contact Us.