DVXC4 Unclean Shutdown Error

The Power and Ignition wires were connected to the incorrect sources. The camera's power source has been connected to a kill switch within the vehicle, and is cutting off the power to the camera when used.

Diagnosis Process

Step 1

Check the installation of the camera's power wires:
The RED wire should be connected to a battery source.
The YELLOW wire should be connected to an ignition source.
The BLACK wire should be connected to a secure ground.
For installation instructions, see Installation Technique

Step 2

Check the power source that the camera is connected to. Verify that the connections to the battery are secure and not loose. If they are, take appropriate and safe action to secure vehicle connections to the battery.
Ambulances: Check if the power source that the camera is connected has a kill-switch. If so, proceed to step 3.

Step 3

Remove the SD card from the camera.

Step 4

Insert the SD card into a computer and open them with DV-PRO 5 player.

Step 5

Adjust the parking mode settings in the config menu to off. If the customer requires parking mode, then they will need to take corrective action to either connect the camera to a source not connected to the kill-switch, or correct behavior regarding the kill-switch, and manually shutdown the camera before using the kill-switch.

Step 6

Put the SD card back into its designated camera and reboot the camera.

If the issue still persists, please Contact Us.